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[Printed Quilt] The printed quilt is the quilt which prints the patterns on it. We can print your own patterns per you request. You can also select patterns from our selections per your themes.

[Patchwork Quilt] We can also do printed real patchwork and fake patchwork. Other elements can be added into the quilt, e.g ruffle, lace or tassels. 

[Ultrasonic Quilt] The ultrasonic quilt is the replacement of sewing quilt as it doesn't require to use the thread to sew the quilt. The ultrasonic is the cheapest of all styles of quilts.

[Computer Embroidery Quilt] The quilt is produced by computer embroidery machine.

1.Fabric: 100% Cotton, 100% polyester, TC, Linen 
2.Filling: multiple gsm , e.g 200 gsm (50%cotton+50%polyester) or 100%polyester
3.Size: Single/double/queen/king, based on the clients' requirements
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